Military-Related Plates


Congressional Medal of Honor*


Legion of Valor *

Membership to the Legion of Valor is limited to holders of either the Congressional
Medal of Honor, the Distinguished Service Cross of the Army or the Navy/Air Force Crosses.

* Photos above from private vehicles.


Veteran Plates



Vet MC (pvt)


Veteran, Newest Style


Handicapped Vet, Large Chair


Handicapped MC


Handicapped Vet, Small Chair


Women Veterans



Purple Heart Plates

When first issued in 1988, they had a purple border.
Colored border was removed sometime between #2207 and #2435.
Serials have reached 9999 all embossed but are now flat starting at 0A01.

Close-up of Medal.


Old Style


No Painted Border


Handicapped-Personalized, 7th Marines


2011, 14th flat one produced


Purple Heart MC


Prisoner of War


P.Harbor Survivor


National Guard


Gold Star Family




Gold Star MC


Gold Star MC Handicapped


Marines MC


Marines MC Handicapped


Fort Huachuca


Date Unknown


Date Unknown


Date Unknown


Date Unknown


Date Unknown









  • 1944 Fort Huachuca together with its original Cochise County mate from 1942.

  • Click on foto for LARGER IMAGE.




(Huachucas measure 3 1/2" by 11 3/4", All Huachuca plates/tabs shown are from a private collection )

( Dates of tabs, 129 and 1059 are unknown )



Yuma Army Air Field, Date Unknown ( Pvt Collection )


Williams Field ( P.DeBelling )



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