Mohave County Oddities

All Arizona Counties used the exact same orderly numbering systems from 1932 thru 1936 with one
notable exception, Mohave County. All other counties beginning with a letter ( Maricopa and Cochise excluded )
began with their designated letter followed by A11, i.e. Graham began with SA11, Coconino with VA11 etc.
and all other counties used a different format for their commercial plates. But this Letter-Letter Number-Number

format was not used by Mohave County and for some unknown reason they used the same oddball format
for their passenger and commercial plates and seemingly flipped back and forth from one to the other.
Photo to the right shows what would be normally a consecutive number sequence but the top is a passenger
plate and below is a commercial. Mohave only did this from 1932 thru 1933 and by 1934 they were back on track.



Same Number, 2 Different Counties


Arizona had used the same numbering system for its plates since 1932. But by 1936,
a growing population especially in Pima County forced a new numbering system for 1937.
Letter prefixes reserved for Pima County were A thru E, but with concerns of a shortfall
of numbers for 1936, Pima had no choice but to invade Gila's territory of F thru G.
A few hundred Pima (F Series) were stamped out just in case they were needed.
It is doubtful if this Pima plate was ever registered to a vehicle but it did make
a nice shingle for a house in Tucson for many years. Coincidentally, the Gila plate was
also used to shingle an old home in Globe, Arizona. This match was made possible only
through the watchful eye of Eric Tanner who monitored the plate numbers found
from both sites.


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