Several states had personalized plates by the late 60s but Arizona didn't get involved offering them to the general public
until 1975 on the 1973 base. A few isolated examples are known prior to 1975 but were reserved mostly for politicians
and influential businessmen.

1975 First Year
to the Public




At first a minimum of 2 characters and maximum of 6 characters was allowed.
Later this was changed to allow the current 1 thru 7 characters.

Vanities lack the cactus divider on the white on maroon base and the current base lacks the large cactus at bottom-left corner.

The state has an extensive list totaling over 27,400 banned number-letter combinations.
CLICK HERE to see the list.



Motorcycle Vanities



Motorcycle vanities first appeared in 1988 on the white on maroon plate.
Top-left is a motorcycle plate that managed to slip through the cracks a few years ago and is now on the banned list.

Top-right a cool personalized motorcycle plate matching the bike type. Click photo for larger image.

To check to see if a plate number is available, do the Personalized search at www.servicearizona.com.
This search checks the entire data base of all vehicles in use in the state.

(All plates shown above (except the 1975 and 000) are from private collections or vehicles.)



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