Arizona is one of around 35 states that has a Year of Manufacture law. More commonly known here
as Antique License Plates. This enables a motorist with a vintage car of at least 25 years old to register his or her auto

with a self-provided license plate matching the year of the vehicle. It may be either a single or a pair. The number
on the plate must be clear to be used, that is the number can't already be in use on any other type of vehicle.
Current trailer plates have created a conflict with many 1952 Maricopa County plates and the Pets plates have wiped
out many 1940 Cochise County plates from future use. Another problem may be if your plate was originally
part of a pair, that other plate may already be registered by somebody else.
If a particular plate was in use for several years, it is not necessary to have the sticker or tab
matching the year of your vehicle, although most auto enthusiasts would find that to be more desireable.

To check to see if a plate number is available, do the Personalized search at
This search checks the entire data base of all vehicles in use in the state.

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