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-----1925 -- Dick Yourga

-----1926 -- Dick Yourga

-----1930-- Pvt

-----1931-- Ken Fite

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#25 Official Plates were issued to Mass. resident Charles Henry Davis, a pioneer in early road development.
The following excerpt is from the
U.S. Dept. of Transportation Good Roads Everywhere Website.

....Davis traveled the country in two unique cars:
To publicize National Highways and Good Roads everywhere he got all the states in the
union to issue him license plate number 25. His ancient Hudson bore all these license tags.

The other car, that always went along in case of a breakdown so Carl could be sure to be
on time for his scheduled meetings, was plastered with the insignia of all the automobile
societies in the country. Taken together these vehicles were an imposing sight and certainly
got the general public to come to the alert and question just what this all stood for . . . .
Davis always drove the lead car, followed by his two chauffeurs [sic] in the rear one
. . He was a fantastic driver. Very fast, but equally careful and safe. At one time he held the
record of having the fastest time of any single man driving from the Atlantic to the Pacific.




The plates shown below are the actual plates once belonging to the
Governors whose names are listed directly underneath each plate.
All were issued in pairs. This collection currently resides out of state in private hands.

Governors 1938-1955




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